Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What do you know about the Theremin?

Randy George knows!
Talk about obscure instrumentation. The Theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, and the first musical instrument played without being touched. My friend Randy has mastered the art. Kept alive and "semi-popular" these days by bands like Portishead, Devotchka, and uhh... i guess thats it.

you like eerie space music? well it doesn't get any spacier than this. except this guy has pretty much taken the theremin where no one has before' Do it up Randy!

More on Randy? just youtube "theremin." hes all over the place!

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andoru said...

Check out The Octopus Project immediately if you haven't already. Yvonne is the greatest thing to happen to the Theremin since it popped up on the grid.

A live show would be ideal, but if you must settle for the good old speakers, still recommended.