Friday, March 13, 2009

The Crosby... Haunted??

Some recent events have been creeping me out. It seems we've awakened the ghost of Santa Ana's past in our basement.
aside from all of the noises i hear, which i usually brush off blaming it on the fact that the building was built in the late 1800's, their have been some weird incidences that actually now connect beyond the creeching and footsteps.

the other night our dishwasher, Ramon, was wrapping up heading to the storage room for the nightly beer-restock. he noticed all the lights were off. pretty odd, the lights are never off. Through the darkness he made his way to the storage room door. As he tried to open it he felt a resistance as if someone was pushing back against it. He tried to reach in behind the door to turn on the light and felt something like cloth on his arm. Thinking it was someone changing, or something, he pulled back and decided to wait for a few seconds.
"anyone here?"
no reply...
After a few seconds he tried again, and the door swung open fine, but no one was in sight. nothing but dead silence and an erie vibe that resonated through the walls. He checked all the rooms...nothing...

When he told me what happened i was a little weirded out. I could see it in his eyes and he swore by it. I kinda tried to put it behind me. it could have been him trippin'...but was it?

the next night, our manager Dante, ended up crashing out in the office (why? i don't know). at about 4 am the motion alarm went off. Strange... no one was in the building.
He proceeded to turn off the alarm look around.
"whos there?"
no one in sight.

In The Crosby motion detectors can be triggered by any slight/major movements, breach of a window, or the opening of a door. Their are about, 4 strategically placed, detectors in the dining, bar & kitchen, and one in the storage room where the incident with Ramon took place.

Dante checked the dining and the kitchen but passed up on the storage room because the door was closed. theirs only one way to get in there so he figured its cool. Must've been some sort of malfunction.

Over the next couple of days the motion detector continued to go off at random. I figured it was something wrong with the system, so I called Brinks to come out and fix the problem. The Brinks Security system is so accurate they can track exactly when, where, and why an alarm was triggered. It turns out that the triggers are coming from the Storage room where the Ramon incident happened. how can something be moving inside a an empty locked room with one entrance and one exit?

"whatever is triggering your system is either already inside before you lock up the place or has managed to do it without opening the door"
-The Brinks guy

I will be doing a little more research on the buildings previous records.