Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming 2010..

(Its The Return)
It's been two, extremely chaotic, years since the release of the original FTR EP. The time is near for a new era of Free the Robots music. What to expect? Lets just say it tells the story of my personal struggle and progress during a life altering time. I've shed unimaginable amounts of blood, sweat & tears, following a dream, come true(The Crosby). I won't go into any details. All i can say is the balance of sanity and insanity all went into this record which i will soon be sharing with you!

Stay tuned for, "CTRL ALT DELETE," due mid March 2010 under Alpha pup Records!


Noel said...

i'm very much looking forward to buying this. i've listened to your original ep i don't know how many times, man, and i've played it for so many people. great music. love and respect.

Anonymous said...

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hands in the hive said...

Been waiting so long but glad you took lots of time to make this record. I'm going to ask to get this for my birthday in March!